Friday, March 15, 2013

Illustration Friday: EYE GLASSES

I had to put on my strong  eye glasses to actually see her in the tall blades of grass.Suddenly I could see her so clearly!  She was swinging, smiling and having a wonderful time. Her name was Adora.

My submission for Illustration Friday's "EYE GLASSES" theme is a paper sculpture illustration called "A is for Adora". 

hand made paper, paint, glue and a clay ladybug.
here is a better photo.
art by Valerie Walsh


asperezas said...

and it's an adorable illustration :)

Donna Quinones said...

Love it, so cute!!

Doodlestreet said...

wonderful :)

Ces said...

Aaaawww this is so cute and I especially love the ladybug! Is this a new blog? I had to follow you again even though I have you in my reader. Hmn...Hope you are well, beautiful Val! Tsup!

michele said...

Charming! Now I better be even more careful doing my spring gardening- hee hee! ;o)

JaneA said...

Lovely! How big is the little girl? She looks tiny. What amazing work for a paper sculpture. Lovely!