Wednesday, April 26, 2006

6 Random Things

People let me on to their properties to photograph their abodes because they know I paint paintings of houses and up here in Topanga you will find a lot of unusual homes. Here is a sampling of cool houses. Instead of telling you 6 random things I am showing 6 random houses in Topanga. Actually 6 homes and an interior of a Historic Topanga home. Hope this is alright Cream, I am not a very random person. Every thing I do is thought out so if you called this 6 anal retentive things I might be able to help you out. Ha Ha just a little art humour!

Cream from tagged me for 6 random things.


cream said...

Val, beautiful random things! Well done!
Amazing places! Thanks for sharing!

Janet said...

I love these, Val! You were right.... I do enjoy seeing them! I really like the next to last one!

...Kat said...

What a priviledge it is to be so welcomed to so many people's homes
and I love the unusual
and I so enjoy your works
What an outstanding sand castle! you did!

vicci said...

Val...I love the houses...I really enjoy looking at other people's places....