Monday, March 26, 2007

Artist profile/ Lois Keller

I had a whirlwind couple of weekends! Normally I am a reclusive artist who rarely leaves Topanga but my social calendar has been packed with fun activities and exciting people. I have to start my series of posts with an artist profile on Lois Keller. Lois is the cutest and most charming of artists you could want to meet. She has a smile that would light up anybodies heart and she is downright beautiful. These qualities seep into her artwork and create a body of work that glows. I have been blogging with her for a year and a half and we have tried to hook up a couple times without success so when she contacted me personally to come to her show at Aroma in Studio City I didn't hesitate. It was a blast! Aroma is the most charming coffee house I think I have ever seen and the whole vibe on Tujunga in Studio City is appealing and like an old-fashioned neighborhood. I love her paintings that feature oranges because it reminds me of how California used to be, all orange groves, sunny and citrusy. Her poster for the Metro is awesome and her drawings using pastels on thick handmade paper are delectable. Her style incorporates a sense of whimsy with much movement, glorius colour, female spirit and I totally dig it! You can view more of her art here and here.


Ces said...

Oh she sure is beautiful and as you said creats beautiful artwork. I love her poster and that tree is awesome. I love the way she paints her trees. Lovely work. You are lucky to have her as a friend and she is lucky to have you!

Ces said...

I am typing in the dark without my reading glasses so sorry for the typo eroors.

Laura said...

Her work is spectacular Val and what a treat to see it in person huh?! And you can tell from her pic that she has a glow & beauty that would come through in her work - and I think her *bump* would add to those too =)

Take care and have a great week!

P.S. - missed your IF last week so just checked that out, love it!

Lois said...

Oh my gosh, I'm blushing, the type on this post must be red. Val it was great to meet you in person, you are such an encouraging and expressive person. Thank you!

Toni said...

Beautiful work and isn't it fun to meet fellow bloggers. Fun , fun , fun.

Cream said...

Oranges and sun, that's how I imagine California to be.
It is so nice that you have friends among artists. And talented friends at that!

kj said...

lois looks as vibrant as her artwork. i like the simple joy and pride on her face.

you are a good friend, val, to acknowledge her work in this way.

i love that orange. it sings of california and sun.


andrea said...

And how blue her eyes are!

I'm thinking, Val and Lois, that you're lucky to live where you do. Someone said to me recently that the best way to make a name as an artist is to get your work in a famous person's collection. That's a huge task in itself but proximity must help a little...? Of course, quality is still the most important thing.

How fun for you to meet her, and her work is enchanting ... like yours.

isay said...

yes, she is beautiful and has a terrific smile. I agree that it shows in her artworks. I love those oranges, too.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Wow, some really terrific stuff. Just stunning and so original... thank you for sharing her with us!

Doodlestreet said...

A short poem for you:

Heart be still
You got off the hill!