Saturday, August 24, 2013

Illustration Friday: Rescue

My submission for Illustration Friday's "Rescue" theme is a painted paper sculpture and it is completely created from a piece of Stonehenge paper. It is lovely to start with a simple sheet of paper and turn it into a full colour dimensional image. I also used one pin, glue and a piece of thread. Happy weekend everyone!
The princess was rescued from her tower and she is off to the beach :)

2013 Valerie Walsh


asperezas said...

I love this :)
And I wish the princess a pleasant time at the beach :D

kj said...

I just love hearing your process.

And thinking of rescue: a few years back I visited a very dear friend while I was having a very hard time and she rescued me with her very wise words and comfort xo

I would know your work and your heart anywhere ...


Cindy D. said...

Terrific image and paper cutting! Though I admit, I thought maybe this time the princess was coming as the rescuer herself!


So cool! The subtle dimension is really awesome and coloration is fantastic! May I ask, what did you use for color?

valerie walsh said...

thank you mr. p the beach is delightful :}
kj biggest hug and i hope you are healing up quickly!
Cindy, thank you! the funny thing is I kind of worded this incorrectly because she rescues herself ;)
Anna: thank you so much and i use Liquitex acrylics for 30+ years :}

Ellen Byrne said...

PERFECT, Valerie!

Doodlestreet said...

where did you use the piece of thread? :) very beautiful colors, girl. xo

valerie walsh said...

Thank you Ellen :)

Thank you Pam and the thread is the reins. :D