Monday, April 02, 2007

Artist Profile: Peter Lodato

Another artist profile in my series of artists that I have worked with.

I really enjoyed working with the artist Peter Lodato. I felt a natural ease with him and I attribute it to him being a native Californian. It would usually take us at least a month to make a print for an artist. When you factor in all the components it is at least a month! When you make a fine art print you must proof it first. So we would print the art on just a few pieces of paper and once the artist approves and makes changes that are to his or her satisfaction we begin the process all over again on over 100 sheets of paper. So you know the art intimately by the time you are finished. Most of the time you are happy to be done and you need to not look at it for a while. I didn't feel that way with "Red Room". I love this print! This is a typical silkscreen print and by that I mean it is flat planes of colour that are combined with blends (the blending of two or more inks to create blended skies, etc.) I mixed all the colours on this and I love his colours very much. This is just a feel good piece of art to me and I would hang it in my house if I had the wall space and colour scheme to match. He is a very nice artist and easy to work with and for. I can't stress enough how working at Wasserman Silk Screen changed me as a person and artist and how I feel privileged that I got to work with all of these people in the late 80's early 90's. It was a fun time in LA when people loved to buy hand printed art.
My pix look weird because most of these prints are huge and it's hard for me to photograph them. I laid it on the floor as it would be hard to attach it to the wall without harming the print. Please click on Peter's name and native Californian to read about this amazing artist.


Ces said...

I like this type of art even though I am mostly a postmodern impressionist. I wish I could create like this. I tried but it just was not me. So I appreciate artists who create masterful works of art simply, beautifully and in the end - stunning.

Toni said...

I have been enjoying reading your artist profiles. I find it amazing the connections you have had. Awesome!

isay said...

Thanks for sharing about Peter Lodato. Awesome works he's been creating.

purple cucumbers folk art said...

wont to swap links darling,I am adding yours to mine now.