Friday, January 01, 2010

Illustration Friday: Renewal

You might be wondering where the house is?
This is the big blue house, home to wondrous
things, mystery and big time beauty.
Where life and death swirl in the icy depths.

I made this painting for the program when John's brother Phil Hartman died in 1998.
John asked me to create this painting quickly so it is not the greatest work of art but I tried to
make it about the content and focus on the message. Phil loved the sky, he had a plane and he loved the ocean and he had a boat. He adored Catalina and went there often. This image is what I thought his children would like, the idea that we all come together and swim and play in the big ocean as a family with abandon and until then, we join each other in the sea of mind. The father, mother and children all together jumping and feeling joy, the oneness. The children are grown now and they are so beautiful it hurts my eyes. All of our hearts are joined forever. They will live and grow and the renewal is taking place within and without. Sweet Graham Nash played two songs for this beautiful and small private ceremony. I have included the song "Simple Man" that he played for us. My submission for Illustration Friday's "Renewal" theme is the circle.
When it makes no sense we must find the beauty in the aftermath.
We had a drink to Phil last night and he was with us.
1998 valerie walsh i am a wave ;)

Crosby Nash- Simple Man - Marrakesh Express


Anonymous said...

looks like a house to me, and the big blue sea and sky house a lot wonderful things.
Hope your New years is a wonderful one Val. Michael Dailey

studio lolo said...

perfect tribute to your friend~
wonderful song and message.

very touching Val.

And OMG what a flashback ;)

Happiest of new years to you my friend! I'm looking forward to more houses in this brand new year!

Ellen Byrne said...

A sad, beautiful and "life goes on" story of renewal that can't be beat. Thanks for sharing such personal, poignant memories and sentiments, Valerie!

Nicola said...

Very touching piece, I love the way the light is shining on the dolphins, I think it's a lovely piece and fits with this weeks theme beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Beth Studio said...

So beautiful and touching, I miss Phil Hartman greatly

Ginger*:) said...

It is beautiful. Your husband was given a wonderful gift in you and your joyful spirit. God must have known he would need you.

We remember Phil with fondness. He was one of our favorite actors and although our knowledge of him was simply what we saw on the screen, we felt sadness at his passing. Great talents are always missed.

Diana Evans said...

This is beautiful and a house I love to visit all the time!!! wonderful work Val!!! and I wish you a fantastic New Year!!!!

LDahl said...

Val, your illustration and words made me misty eyed!

May your New Year be filled with love both given and received.

asperezas said...

As everybody said, beautiful and touching. And a tender perspective of life and things.
Big hug!
Happy New Year!

Doodlestreet said...

So many times I've thought of Phil and how that is for you and John. I've had a letter in my head and heart to send you for awhile now about that...
Everything about this post is so eyes teared up.
I so get your heart, girl.-
It's so wonderful that John has someone like you, and your heart, to count on, love and be present for.
Healing is a lifelong journey with loss like both will always have my heartfelt friendship and healing thoughts--

Cheryl Lynn said...

The ocean is home to many of God's magnificent creatures. You have captured this easily with this beautiful illustration.

Phil Hartman was one of the funniest actors I had ever seen. News Radio was one of the best shows on TV.

You are such a sweet spirit and your husband is really blessed to have you in his life, which I'm sure he knows.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Frank H. said...

a beautiful post

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

ValGalArt said...

Dear Anon,
you might have noticed that it is quite rare that I comment on comments because I have to spend some time in the real world too ;) but the reason my posts are better now is little by little I am revealing more of myself which is not easy for me. I would prefer to stay somewhat on the private side but yes, that is a bore. Having said that I try to strick a balance of reality and privacy so that the peeps that want to read about my adventures have something to sink their teeth into. I am really just a humble art blog though :D Thank you for your kind comment and maybe some day you will reveal yourself ;)

kj said...

oh now i want to know who anonymous is too.

val, you sparkle light like no one else. this is just beautiful, including the val wave.

i am sorry your family had to lose one of its own and i wouldn't be surprised one bit if phil and all of heaven knew you were toasting then and there.

isay (Marissa) said...

i like the intro poem--i can feel the breathe and depth....while i was also looking at your simple and beautiful illustration.

-perfect tribute to your john's brother phil.
-and i enjoyed the video, great voice,lovely music.

ValGalArt said...

You might notice that this is the one and only time I signed my art Valerie Hartmann.

Pepi said...

De los momentos tristes salen obras mágicas y maravillosas como esta, hecha con mucho amor y sentimiento y eso se refleja en la ilustración que parece estár viva.
Es una belleza. Besos.

Jack Foster said...

Het Val, The first thing I did think of was "where's the house? :o) After I read your few paragraphs, I sat here speechless and typeless (if that's a word) Wow what a wonderful tribute to Phil. I had no idea that he was your brother-in-law. I know he's looking down with pride and joy. Thanks for your vulnerability and for sharing your wonderful work with us. I always scroll through the submissions looking for your little blue ribbon house. Love your big blue house and all it's wondrous things. God bless you and your loved ones in 2010 Val.

thedoodlegirl said...

Oh my! I didn't know you were related to him! What a very beautiful post and gorgeous piece of art. Sometimes the best art comes when we don't have much time to do it. Especially if our soul is involved deeply in the process.

Art Fan Ako said...

I'm glad to hear his kids are going alright... such tragic story. I love the dolphins and the stars btw. Happy 2010! We all can use renewal.

dthaase said...

nicely captured

gudbrandsdottir said...

Lovely picture - a home to many species

Faruffa said...

excellent!!! I love dolphins and this very card is superb, a magical world enclosed in a unique frame!
Happy new year Val
baci Faruffa

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