Friday, June 01, 2018

Illustration Friday: Mother Nature

Mother Nature conducting Spring🌷🐝🐞🐌🌷 Happy Summer to all!
My submission to Illustration Friday's "Green"  topic.

Acrylic on Stonehenge
valerie walsh

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kj said...

hello and love!

you always always always find a way to create hopeful joy. this illustration is that and more.

it's such a treat to see you here on the blogs, val. it's been too long.

love always

valerie walsh said...

Thank you kj! love to you and wishing you a happy and fun summer <3

asperezas said...

Amazingly lovely as always :}

valerie walsh said...

Thank you so much Asperezas;)

Anonymous said...

hi darling, how have you been?you can contact me at , look forward to hearing from you again.happy as a tick on a dog.

Anonymous said...