Friday, September 26, 2008

Illustration Friday: packed

Packed, Wrapped and Ready for Shipping. My submission for Illustration Friday's "packed" theme. This is a spot illustration from one of my HomeMade calendars.

It was John's birthday this week so we went out to dinner with some wonderful people to celebrate. One of those people was JD Souther and he gave us his new album "If The World Was You", his 1st album in a very long time and it is so great! Here is a picture of me, jd and johnboy :) I leave you with a wonderful tune by JD.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Illustration Friday: clique

I used to belong to a clique of women that would get together every Monday night for years, we would make and glaze pottery. It was way more of a social gathering than anything and I could even walk to the clay studio, but we did create a lot of wonderful things too. For me, making and painting pottery is one more way I can satisfy my love of houses and buildings but it can be a frustrating creative pursuit. The firing process doesn't always provide the desired outcome. You can spend as much time painting clay as a real painting and end up with nothing. I don't appreciate that aspect of clay but when it does come out beautifully you know why people love it. I really enjoyed these get togethers with all the women, some from Topanga and some from other parts of LA. We even had a few celebrity guests such as Lisa Bonet and Patty Smyth. Most of the ladies were long time friends and we would laugh, tell stories, listen to music, eat food and candy and paint our pots and plates.

My submission for Illustration Friday's " clique" theme. There are cliques going on in these buildings :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Illustration Friday: island

Last week I mentioned that I was back
from my trip to Martha's Vineyard.
It is a beautiful and amazing place and I hope you click on to the link to read about it because there is much to know.
You can only get there by boat or by plane so you really do get the island feel and you can go to all the towns in one afternoon although it is best to take your time to explore the charm of each town and beach. This was my 4th visit and each time it get's better and better. All the houses were dressed a little more patriotic this year, lot's of flags and symbols of love for the soldiers in the war. This is my work in progress for Illustration Friday's "island" theme. I had to work on another painting this week so I will continue to update it and hopefully finish over this weekend. Please click on to my link to see some of the highlights of my trip if you have time :)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Illustration Friday: clutter

I had the most wonderful time on my holiday and I got home and had the flu all week :( This is my submission for Illustration Friday's "clutter" but it is really for ""memories" which is my kinda theme but I just didn't feel well enough to participate. My desk is always filled with clutter and from the clutter comes memories. This is one of my memories from Martha's Vineyard, I have much detail work to do on it but you get the gist. I will post the final version when I'm done. Here are a few memories from my trip and I will put some on flickr soon.

photo 1. Edgartown MA, 2. My mom and sis 3. Gayhead Lighthouse 4. The Animal Fair

Speaking of clutter "on my desk", "Linzie Hunter"is participating in a groovy show in London and would like y'all to come :) If you are there please do, I would love to go!

Thank You to all who came by even though I wasn't home :)