Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Illustration Friday: acrobat

My submission for Illustration Friday's "acrobat" is a painting I have done many times in many ways for lots of peeps. This is a version I did to a song by Los Lobos :) You know the saying "once in a blue moon" which means seldom or rarely? Well this is a lavender moon and that means as rare as it gets! The title of this painting is "Balance" which is required when you are an acrobat ;)

valerie walsh 2010

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Illustration Friday: dessert

Did you know that a goat would consider a flower dessert? And deer do as well :) I have friends that raised goats in Topanga and the goat really will eat almost anything! They would stand on the roof of their shed which gave me the idea for this illustration. Many times I see deer and they are grazing on my neighbour's newly planted flowers or fruit trees and vegetables... It does make me smile and it has happened to me many times as well, it is always the same feeling SURPRISE!!! :D
This is a colour study for a painting called "House Pet" and I made this drawing in 1990 and did not use this idea for a painting until my 2004 HomeMade calendar. I changed the building and colours to pinks and greens but I have always enjoyed blue and purple together very much :) Was hoping to make something new because I love this word and have a good idea too but the time got away from me so this is my very late submission for Illustration Friday's "dessert" theme.
all photos and art valerie walsh 1990-2004 prismacolor pencil on stonehenge