Friday, June 25, 2010

Illustration Friday: satellite

A natural satellite is a celestial body orbiting a planet, dwarf planet, asteroid, or star of a larger size. The most familiar natural satellite is the earth's moon; thus, satellites of other planets are often referred to as moons. My submission for Illustration Friday's "satellite" theme is one of my star chairs. I painted a lot of furniture about 20 years ago. The star chair was one of my first pieces of functional art and was created in 1990 for a clients house and you can see a shot of it in her home with a little painting I made right above it. Then in 1997 another woman I know was the costume designer for the TV show "Dharma and Greg" and she collected a lot of my work and she wanted furniture to go with my paintings so she would find antique pieces she loved and i would strip, prime and paint in fantastical colours and with my signature halo effect with blends. It was a ton of work but a valgal room with furniture and paintings looks pretty cool! It seems like a lifetime ago in a galaxy far, far away ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Illustration Friday: Ripple

I feel happy that many of the people that collect my dimensional paintings usually say "Do what you want to do". I love that but have learned that there can be that very small percentage of folks that can be "difficult to please" :) This has prompted me to always make a little colour study or maquette of the image so that they can have a chance to decide they like or change my vision. This is a little (very rough) colour pencil study for a dimensional piece I have been commissioned to create and I am pretty excited because this is a place that we drove up to quite by accident and discovered and I always felt it would make a lovely place to paint. My submission for Illustration Friday's "Ripple" theme is titled "The Secret Fountain".

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Illustration Friday: trail

This is a Topanga box and I have been making them for a long time. They are made from upcycled wooden ginseng boxes. I handpaint them and they do not have houses on them. I have walked many a trail in these hills for 30+ years. When I look at the hills I think of all the beautiful days and dogs that have walked these paths with me rain or shine. Walking is one of my favourite things in life :D My submission for Illustration Friday's "trail" is a hand painted
Topanga box and the inside holds a special surprise ;)