Sunday, April 29, 2007

Illustration Friday: Remember

My submission for Illustration Friday's "Remember" is from a tea package I made for a tea company called "Three Tea and Tonic". I did a night version and a day version but they chose the night version so this was never used. I will always remember the beauty of Topanga in the spring.

The delay in my post is due to my not having Internet access since Thursday evening. There is something wrong with my dsl. I hope to be back online tomorrow so if you have written to me I will get to you soon. I'm at my neighbors for a limited posting as I have never missed IF yet!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Special Children's Art Foundation Auction

Top Center: Front patio at The Geffen PlayHouse BelowCenter: Model of the Theatre complex

Right: T.P. Mullen and one of his amazing creations /Left: Mark Beam and a few of his pieces. Center a musical interlude of original and classic jazz compositions on the front patio by the Matt K Quartet. The interior of the theatre (they don't allow cameras during the show) I snuck in before to take this picture but it does not do the room justice. Bottom left: Partial exterior view of the front of the building.

Monday night I participated in an auction to benefit the Special Children's Art Foundation. This was an evening filled with art and music at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood and it was a treat to attend. The theatre is a gift to the public by David Geffen. The building is a landmark from 1929 and it is a beauty! I took a few pictures of this space so you can see it but I also took a shot of the architectural model in the lobby to show how it looks all around. It seems to me that if you are a well to do philanthropist that wants to bring culture to your community a playhouse would be an amazing gem that brings people together to experience the joy of live theatre, music, art , etc. My friend artist Mark Beam and his friend, artist T. P. Mullen showcased their fun and eclectic art and the valgal created a piece just for the auction. Two legendary Disney artists Frank Armitage and Walt Peregoy were featured as well as photographs by Dennis Hopper and Jasper Johal and jewelery by artist Barbara Markoe. Marc Kolodziejczyk and wife, Priscilla Giraldo are parents of a special needs child and their family put together this event and they did a splendid job! My husband John Hartmann was the MC for the night and he was lively and funny and I can't forget to mention he was voted Professor of the Year at Loyola Marymount University a few days earlier so he was still flying high from the award. Musician Jennifer Jester put on the program "A Gypsy Brass Extravaganza Out of This World". It was unique and featured her signature Euphonium and was accompanied by a 20 piece brass orchestra. The music was a rare treat. The night made it possible for the foundation to create more projects to brighten the lives of children in the future.
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Illustration Friday: Polar

My submission for Illustration Friday's "Polar" is from some stationary that I made for Marisol. It was created to encourage children to write more letters, especially "Thank You" letters to family, friends and even strangers for their kindness. They sold through the PTA and it was a worthy idea and project. Printed on recycled paper with a matching envelope they can be used with your printer as well, so there is no excuse for not thanking someone. We did another set with Thank You written in every language and of course I did buildings from around the world. I'm sure I will post it in the future. The image shows that a house is a gift . Happy Illustration Friday!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Art Show Opening: Marion Peck

I have been working so hard I needed to get out of the studio so John and I attended the "Soft Paintings for Gentle People" opening last night at the Billy Shire Fine Art Gallery. John will always go up to the artist and ask if they would like to pose for a picture and Marion Peck was gracious and sweet. I asked her if she would stand in front of her most amazing painting "Young Lord Oliver" and she walked to it and suddenly 20 cameras started flashing. It was fantastic and she smiled beautifully. What an amazing painter! I talked to one of her friends, he purchased "Ducky" (the one I love) and he told us the show sold out the day before the opening. Not one painting was available! I can see why as her art is truly inspired. She frames each one creating an elaborate masterpiece, some you view through convex glass, some resin. There was a room curtained off for "Sweet Dreams" a collaboration between Marion and Mark Ryden. It is a big hurdy-gurdy type piece that you view through 2 lenses on the front and inside is a movie going on with full sound and beautiful colour. But the thing I loved most about it was the little theatre they built inside with real lights in the mini chandeliers and sconces. The audience was filled with little people decked out in their finery. You're watching the film along with them, slightly above them and it is magical and nostalgic. Popcorn was served from a cart while you stood on line in anticipation, all the little girls giggling and we LOVED it!
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Friday, April 13, 2007

Illustration Friday: Fortune

My submission for Illustration Friday's "Fortune" is from a painting called "The Fortune Teller's Cottage". I painted this because Topanga is filled with gypsy's, physics, story tellers and the like. I do not like my fortune told but I am drawn to the characters that occupy these places in life. You never no what will happen when you enter the Fortune Tellers Cottage but if you want to get lucky the MatchMaker lives right next door!
copyright 1995 Valerie Walsh

Friday, April 06, 2007

Illustration Friday: Green

My submission for Illustration Friday's "Green" is from my 2001 HomeMade calendar and the title is "House Boat". I have shown Green House here so I thought this would do for the theme. This was for the month of June and the quote is: The lovely cottage in the guardian nook... with its own dear brook, It's own pasture, almost its own sky. ~Wordsworth

coppyright 2001 valerie walsh

Monday, April 02, 2007

Artist Profile: Peter Lodato

Another artist profile in my series of artists that I have worked with.

I really enjoyed working with the artist Peter Lodato. I felt a natural ease with him and I attribute it to him being a native Californian. It would usually take us at least a month to make a print for an artist. When you factor in all the components it is at least a month! When you make a fine art print you must proof it first. So we would print the art on just a few pieces of paper and once the artist approves and makes changes that are to his or her satisfaction we begin the process all over again on over 100 sheets of paper. So you know the art intimately by the time you are finished. Most of the time you are happy to be done and you need to not look at it for a while. I didn't feel that way with "Red Room". I love this print! This is a typical silkscreen print and by that I mean it is flat planes of colour that are combined with blends (the blending of two or more inks to create blended skies, etc.) I mixed all the colours on this and I love his colours very much. This is just a feel good piece of art to me and I would hang it in my house if I had the wall space and colour scheme to match. He is a very nice artist and easy to work with and for. I can't stress enough how working at Wasserman Silk Screen changed me as a person and artist and how I feel privileged that I got to work with all of these people in the late 80's early 90's. It was a fun time in LA when people loved to buy hand printed art.
My pix look weird because most of these prints are huge and it's hard for me to photograph them. I laid it on the floor as it would be hard to attach it to the wall without harming the print. Please click on Peter's name and native Californian to read about this amazing artist.