Thursday, February 24, 2011

Illustration Friday: layer

Screen printing is all about putting a layer of ink on paper. Layer upon layer upon layer. This is a screen print I made using waterbased inks which at the time I made this was a relatively new thing. We always used oil based inks at Wasserman SilkScreen Company and we had to use stinky solvents to clean up the screens and squeegee. This print has 9 layers of ink, one is a transparent white that turns 9 colours into 18 and the darker ink that has a textured look was used as a shadow colour and it has transparency in it. I created the texture effect by drawing with a special crayon on frosted mylar that has a bit of tooth to it, making the crayon stick to create some nice textures. Handprinted all by my lonesome, I use a little kickstand on the side of the screen and just print away :) Registration is key! :) My very late submission for Illustration Friday's "layer" theme is a screenprint on rag paper (stonehenge) called "Shooting Star".