Friday, February 26, 2010

Illustration Friday: perspective

My perspective is pretty much the same, houses and buildings, painting and having fun.
My submission for Illustration Friday's "perspective" theme is a drawing I made for my dear friend artist Pam Jones. It is her birthday on Saturday February 27 and she is a fellow pisces. We belong to a music sharing blog called Kings of Maybe and I am playing her a few songs this weekend as well so if you click on you may follow along too. This drawing called "Going Up?" is her birthday card and I thought on Pam's way up she might need to bring along a few things she could use: Fishie Friends, a monster, a valpal hat to receive songs and messages and a birthday cake! of course it is chocolate :P I hope you have a fabulous birthday sweet Pam Jones! Big love from Valgal, babe!

birthday card for Pam Jones 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Illustration Friday: propagate

Cultivate your heart and love will propagate.
My submission for Illustration Friday's "propagate" theme is a valgal valentine called
House of Adore and the door opens and there is a little sweet message. Adore and a door ;)

You should give val-entines all the time not just on February 14th.
I have an image that is really perfect for this word here but I have shown it in the past and I don't like to repeat images:)
Here I am with my sweet brother Colin. We are close little buddies. He sent me a beautiful box of chocolates from France for my special day :) He knows I love candy!
Thank you Colie!
2001 valerie walsh

Friday, February 12, 2010

Illustration Friday: adrift

Do you catch my drift? My submission for Illustration Friday's "adrift" theme is a colour pencil study on StoneHenge paper and the frame is clay and resin. Eventually this boat will drift and be adrift...
valerie walsh 2000

Friday, February 05, 2010

Illustration Friday: muddy

Living in Topanga I know a lot about mud because here we live in the dirt. I am sad to report that more people are moving in and pouring a fair amount of concrete to make it less dirty! It always makes me wonder why a person would want to live in a rustic State Park when they could easily live in Calabasas which is much more paved and upscale. Have you noticed that I talk a bit more when I really don't have anything for the word and I don't have time to make anything either :(
This image has a little to do with mud, muddy and Topanga because this doggy plate that I made for my mom about 15 years ago is made with Topanga mud in a little garage clay studio belonging to Jan Mitchell right down the lane. Good clean mud! We taught children, we had girl's Monday Night Clay where we played, talked and laughed. My submission for Illustration Friday's " muddy" theme is a painted clay plate "Happy Day" I made for my mom Babs who has not been feeling well. I love you Mom!

"happy day" plate 1995 valerie walsh photo of babs 2007