Wednesday, December 07, 2005

all is calm

I had a friend when I was young who went to Tahiti for Christmas. This sounded like the most exotic trip in the world to me. When she got back, she was brown as a berry! I was fascinated by her stories of Tahiti. Maybe some day I will go...

When I painted this card, the owner of Marisol added quite a few more candy canes to my picture, she did it with the computer (not on my original).She did this to a couple of the Christmas Cards. They were already printed by the time I discovered it but she told me she wanted them to look more festive. I like open space. I don't feel like you have to fill every part of a picture. I like the less is more approach. Now in retrospect I find it funny that I even gave it a second thought.
inside reads: all is calm, all is bright

1994 Marisol Inc.


scott said...

It is easy to see why you gave it a second thought val.
we all assume that in that situation they would respect your decisions, in the artistic sense, or at least consult with you to put more candy canes.
Is this the before or the after?
before -¿no?
but it sounds like a good deal you had there.
I can see why you didn't make any fuss
love scott

valerie walsh said...

These are the after, i only put a couple candycanes laying in the sand. I took two pix because i am such a lame photograper. Every time i take a shot i have to angle it slightly to avoid glare. Then when i crop it crops out some of my shot. For me it is hard to take pictures of pictures.

scott said...

yes, taking pictures of pictures is one of the hardest things.
I'll right you with some pointers.
no time now but soon ok
love scott

Unknown said...

Awesome illustration!

Rachelle said...

Val, I really love your illustration style, it feels warm and fuzzy. I wish I could go to Tahiti for Christmas!

Linn Ahlbom said...

You have a lovely way of illustrating things, thanks for the comment btw. Looks like you've had your share of struggles with comissioners! It's odd how some people expect illustrators to work for nothing or "for fun." Also, how some people "vandalise" artwork once they consider the rights are "bought" are theirs, I would say YOUR instincts were correct in placing only a couple of candycanes in the sand(!) Anyhow, before I go all grumbly and negative, I'm glad to say that this is not always the case, sometimes comissions can be great and emotionally rewarding. :)

Linn Ahlbom said...

PS. I like Thomas Hart Benton too, I've actually not met that many people who know of his work (probably because he's more famous across the Atlantic).

Cream said...

Val, you are so talented! This is so beautiful! Partytime for Mr Crab with lights and sweeties!