Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wasserman SilkScreen Company

I mentioned last Friday that I would like to talk about my printing adventures, but first I must introduce you to a brilliant printer and the men that I worked with at Wasserman SilkScreen Company. My printing experiences surely changed the course of my life because it introduced me to many types of art and artists that were the cream of the crop during that time period in 1980's Los Angeles. These printers and artists helped to shape me into the artist that I am today and of course you know by now I love colour and blends (gradations of colour) in my work and that is one of the better parts of Serigraphy, a good printer can make a gorgeous blend and each print is uniquely different so they are like originals on paper. I love the smell of ink and paper in the morning and I will never forget those days with the boys printing, reading the paper and Playboy magazine (the years before sexual harrassment in the workplace) and in all honesty I loved being one of the boys, getting your hands dirty and making art. Jeff would always say "Let's kick ass and take names" and I still smile when I think of that phrase! Please read this amazing article about Jeff Wasserman, me and the guys when you have some free time and I promise it will inspire you.

Wasserman Page One
Wasserman Page Two
Wasserman Page Three
Wasserman Page Four
Wasserman Page Five

Article from ScreenPrinting Magazine November 1988


Majeak Ann said...

Hi Valerie, it was so nice to read these things about you and about past times. Thanks for sharing these memories.
saludos, everything sis looking good!

Janet said...

Very interesting, Val! I'm glad I finally got some time to read them.

andrea said...

Like you, I've discovered that I work best when getting my hands dirty and *doing*. I enjoyed teaching but my brain wants me to do.

Anonymous said...

where's the skier?