Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rick Davis/Topanga Outsider Artist

Rick Davis in his studio with Hoochie Coochie
The secluded Topanga property he shares with his partner Penny and dog Max

I have known Rick Davis for quite some time and today I want to showcase his unique creations. I find his work very appealing, Rick is one of those artists that find their own way of sharing feelings through tongue in cheek humour and a thoughtful approach that requires intricate knowledge of woodworking and articulated moving parts. The thing I love most about his work is the vintage feel, it brings me back to a simpler time and I love that feeling. I call Rick Davis a Topanga Outsider artist because he lives way in the hills of Topanga and his art has that handcrafted old fashioned quality with a rustic feel that only someone who spends time alone away from the beaten path could produce. He has some pieces that will be for sale on Etsy and I encourage you to check him out at Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I never get tired of looking at outsider art; thanks for a peek at a new artist.

Brian the Mennonite said...

VERY interesting...especially the ass kissing machine. :)
Only in America?!

Janet said...

'loved seeing his stuff! Neato!