Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've been tagged!

Cathy (CAS) and Gabrielle both tagged me for 6 weird things about me. These tags are hard because I always feel a little weird revealing my personal quirks.

1. I started going gray at 18. I'm going to be 48 this month and the white hairs have totally taken over. My mom wears her hair natural and as you might have read in past posts she turned 69 in Oct. I have way more white than she will probably ever have!

2. I knew when I was little that I wanted to be an artist, but I also loved dancing, singing and acting. I freely expressed these parts of myself at all times and I still love to dance. This is a picture of me at about 19 posing for an ad for Dance magazine. I worked at Hollywood Dancewear Company and sold toe shoes, tap shoes and ballet slippers plus leotards and tights to all the well known dancers, dance teachers and students throughout Los Angeles. From there I went to work with Dancewear of London and I managed their Beverly Hills shop and one in Westwood. I took dance classes at night and weekends and I loved it! All of this is leading up to the weird part. In Oct. of 1981 I got a call from Danny Elfman, he was my friend Jeri's boyfriend and he asked if I would like to dance on Halloween night at the Santa Monica Civic to a sold out concert for "Oingo Boingo". I said yes right away, but he cautioned me that there were some conditions that I needed to agree to. I am only going to tell you one of the conditions and it was that I would be one of 4 dancers, I would be up front, need to hold a riding crop and whip Danny while dancing to the song "Violent Love". It was a dancers dream and I agreed to the terms. The place was packed to the rafters, when we came out the crowd went apeshit and it was awesome! My boyfriend, artist Michael Bedard captured the whole thing on camera so I have pictures... But no, I am not going to show you those pictures. The reason this made my list is: They will always be considered a weird quirky band, Danny was great but weird, the whole situation was weird and it was one of the weirdest nights, "Halloween"and all the audience showed up in really weird costumes. The next day it was written up in the news and they called it weird, wonderful and like a raunchy French cabaret! This picture of the band accompanied a full article about the evening but I am not going to publish it because it will tell you everything and unless you were there and got to see it I guess you'll just have to use your imagination.

3. I know I have mentioned that I walk every day with Rat and that I live in Topanga State
Park. Well for some reason people get amorous when they go to parks or is that why they go to the park? I would like to mention that when you are on a trail in all likelihood people are going to walk on it. I am always surprised and weirded out when I'm on the trail and come upon people doing the deed. I stumbled upon a very famous actor and a well known model turned actress while they were rehearsing a scene right on the Deadhorse Trail bridge. They were married to other people and consequently split with spouse. I had to hold all of this inside, although I confided in John and my mom. Even though I would love to dish about who these 2 are it would be unkind to say. This experience left me feeling weird!

4. Do you remember the guy who had a TV show for a while, he was a psychic and his name was John Edwards? His show was called "Crossing Over". Believe it or not, I live in Topanga and I have never been to a psychic! Topanga is well known for spiritualists and the latter. I have never wanted to know my future as it would spoil the surprise. One day a woman called and told us that John Edwards was writing a book and wanted to give readings to families of dead celebrities and they would compile these for a book they were working on. I have mentioned on several occasions that John's brother was Phil Hartman. John had no interest whatsoever in this inclusion but the valgal talked him into it because I figured it would be kinda cool to see what this guy would say about Phil and maybe Phil would tell him a joke to relate back to us or who knows? So we agreed to meet at a hotel in West Hollywood. The woman told us to walk in and say nothing, we did. His back was to us throughout the whole reading which added to the mystery and intrigue. He started to speak and guessed a few key things and then he turned his focus completely to me! He started to tell me things about a person above me (above in his speak means parents, grandparents, to the side can mean siblings etc.) So it is suddenly all about me and a person that would be my father. I really never knew my father, very briefly and there is nothing really to tell. He and my mom split up when I was 4 and he was never around. Never came to see myself or my siblings. I saw him next when I was 18 for a brief period, he never stayed in touch and I needed to let go and move on. period! So John Edwards starts to intimate that my father is now dead and I start completely weirding out, I'm telling you my heart starts to beat real fast, I feel sick, I would love to get out of here as I realize this is some kind of terrible mistake. Where's Phil? Somebody tell us a joke please! After he's done with the reading he turns around and here's the guy I have seen on TV. He mentions that this happens frequently, that famous people come to him for readings all the time and there personal assistant will be with them and the reading is all about the PA! Well, this ranks up there with one of the all time weird experiences of my life. Later when I related this to my sister, she was very excited about my reading with him. Maybe she will write in and refresh my mind why she was so thrilled about this meeting. She was the last person I would expect to know who John Edwards was but she did. We tried to find out if our father was alive to no luck. So far the book has been shelved.

5. I am a voice person, I love voices. Once I hear a voice I never forget it. When I paint I listen to music or TV. Listen is the key word. I rarely watch, I listen. John has worked in showbiz his whole adult life, he has worked with and met many of the all time greats. Judy Garland. Ethel Merman, Dean Martin, Sonny and Cher, Sophie Tucker and on and on. Some of the most distinct voices of all time! Because of my love for voices we made up a game called "Who's That Guy?". Any time he hears a voice he asks me, "Who's that Guy or Girl? I am right 100% of the time.

6. I petended to be British for a year. Alright, you can pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing! I was young, it was an adventure and I'm now officially a weirdo!

Here are the rules so that you too can tell us about your weirdness! Each person that gets tagged needs to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as clearly stating this rule. After you state your 6 weird things, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you're tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog for info as to what it means.

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Ian T. said...

Hi ValGalArt,

Thanks for thinking of me, but I kind of decided not to do tags, and this 6 weird things definitely hasn't changed my mind :).

I'd possibly have considered it more at another time, but I'm in a new job as well as trying to keep up drawing commitments. Also, for various reasons, I try not to Blog much personal information.

I enjoyed yours though!

Thanks! Cheers, Ian T.

Ces Adorio said...

Oh Val, I don't think these are weird at all. It just makes you even more interesting and charming. I knew you were special, I just did not know there were so many special things about you and to think you considered these weird. Now I wonder what the normal and special things are about you!

constance wong said...

What an interesting read! You're definately a special person, not weird at all!

Really like your red school house too :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

He he he!

I loved reading this! What an interesting life you have lived - incuding pretending you were British for a year!! Very entertaining.

Catnapping said...

Yep. You are definitely WEIRD!

I've accepted my tag, and am wearing it proudly!

Collin said...

Yeesh! I was thinking, "This shouldn't be too hard," and then I read yours! There's nothing I can say that'll be nearly as impressive as you've shared.

As an aside, Oingo Boingo is one of my favorite bands. Danny Elfman is amazing, and you have no idea how jealous I am that you were able to hang out with him. Although I would have felt mighty uncomfortable whipping him. Even to music.

I'll try to think up 6 weird things about myself this weekend. Perhaps Heather can help. I can think of one offhand, although it's probably more odd than weird. Ooo. Just thought of another, and it was weird. I better make a note of it before I forget.

I'll let you know when I'm done.

Cathy said...

Wonderful post, Val! I used to do a lot of dancing as well, until a knee operation and a fractured foot put paid to my ballet. These days I just do folkie dancing, though I'm getting into ceroc...

And you have some fantastic stories!

By the way, what's weird about being British? Or is it, just, like weird by definition?

Anonymous said...

done! :-) It was much more fun then I thought it would be...

Cathy said...

Hi Val!

I was wondering if Brits ARE more likely to be weird - I know lots of people over here who are barking mad!

Anonymous said...

boy- are you weird-yet you come from such a normal family-especially your cousin Rothschild! I love learning all the newl things about your.

Anonymous said...

Val you rock! Such charming stories.You have a very cool life.Thank you for tagging me.

isay said...

oh i have enjoyed reading your post val. very interesting stories and nice to know you like dancing a lot! great pic of you, too!

isay said...

oh i have enjoyed reading your post val. very interesting stories and nice to know you like dancing a lot! great pic of you, too!

Collin said...

Okay, the post of my 6 weird things is all posted:

Anonymous said...

ohmygawwd! How FUN is this!!! I so enjoyed 'your weirdness..' :O) All through my senior year in high school, I tried to talk in a Long Island accent! haha! I know someone who went to John Edwards TV showing and called her out of the audience and was so seemingly accurate with her. You really do live an interesting life. And, I appreciate you noticing it as such. I was tagged, too, on six things of weirdness. Mine seems so ... dull. I wished I had put my thought into mine! Great post!!