Thursday, February 01, 2018

Illustration Friday: Blue

The Sun, The Moon and The Stars (Pink Moon) sharing on Illustration Friday,  3 girls in shades of Blue
sun, moon and stars ☀🌙 🌟

"Yeah we all shine on, like the moon,  and the stars , and the sun"   John Lennon

photos and art by valerie walsh


asperezas said...

Everything is SO lovely :)

valerie walsh said...

awww, thank you :} you are always so kind :)) Have a lovely weekend!

kj said...

hello val xo,
it is always a delight to see the way you see the world. On my living room wall, you remind me of that every day.

valerie walsh said...

thank you kj, I hope you are very well and thank you for the lovely card you sent to me! Big Hug to you <3

Jacquelene said...

Thaank you for writing this