Monday, November 14, 2005


One of the reasons I love being an artist is, that it is never just about the art. What I mean by this is that each new job teaches you something that you might never have learned. Years ago I received a phone call from a man that saw my work in a gallery and wanted to know if I would like to do some artwork for the San Diego Chamber Orchestra. I was ecstatic because I was born and raised in San Diego! The man did not know this but he said they chose me over quite a few artists. It was an amazing opportunity and really fun, in fact that is what the project was named "Serious Fun" and I created the lettering too. They asked me to do a painting that would highlight the orchestra, instruments and my signature colour. I painted all the real people that were in the orchestra and the conductor too. I learned about all the different instruments and the way they are held. It was a wonderful job and really a lovely experience working with this man who was a fan and super supportive of my work .They auctioned off the painting and raised funds for supporting the SDCO.

The orchestra play Prokofiev,Kabelevsky,Tchaikovsky and others.
My artwork was the program for the SDCO 1994-1995 season. I have done all kinds of art for music for all different styles of music and I think that the music that we love becomes the soundtracks for our lives.


Unknown said...

THis is lovely!

andrea said...

You are good. Really. I don't say that very often, so I really do mean it. Love seeing stuff from your archives. you need a website to document all of it!

Cream said...

Val, this is serious art!
I zoomed on the picture and discovered amazing detail!
The curtains, the flying notes but also the movement!
Great work!

valerie walsh said...

aaahhh, sheesh you kids are so sweet. I am pretty amazed that no one ever says anything critical. This is like a love fest! Thank you really!