Friday, November 04, 2005

Christmas Box

Printed Christmas Box!

My new Christmas box illustration

My Christmas box was printed and it came out great! It is really special, every side has a little scene, the door opens and a window too. The children that I painted on the box are all different ethnicities and there are birds, a rabbit not to mention a deer. This is perfect to put candy in or a little treat. I love making paper products, it is challenging and fun. I like to make gift items that cost under $10.00 and are different than what you see everywhere. The bottom of the box has a To: and From spot to write something thoughtful to the recipient. There is a charming quote from 1890 about home, friendship and the holidays too! These boxes are perfect for the time pressured giver that needs an inexpensive gift at the last minute that is unique and personal. I have included a picture of the original illustration and the finished printed box.


valerie walsh said...

hi jen, thanks for asking! Most of my boxes are for 2006 and they will make up a whole town when you collect them all. They should be available at my store that will open in a week hopefully... But if you can't wait just email me and i will give you the particulars. Kindest regards, val

Unknown said...

I love your boxes. I did a simple one two years ago and was thinking of doing another one this year.
it was a two inch square that I could print out on my printer. I added a ribbon in one corner so you could hang it on the tree.

Please post pictures of your new store when you open.

just love your whimsey style.

Tanya Nichols said...

do you have the christmas boxes up for sale? My children would love to make a village...