Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Halloween Candy Box

My new "HomeSpun" Haunted House candy box!Rat loves to sleep in!

I work on 2 to 3 projects at a time and today's project is the finishing handwork on my "HomeSpun" 2006 Halloween candy box. It was tough getting Rat out of bed this morning because it has been raining but I finally got him down to the studio to focus on the candy box and we have been humming along and it is looking quite cute. I start out with the concept, draw and hone it out perfectly, make a template, transfer it to the desired paper and paint and paint. Then Ratty and I go for a long walk to get out of the studio and commune with nature. Tommorrow this project will go to the printer in Santa Monica and I will have the finished product soon. I will post it and they will be available for next Halloween. By the time I am done with all the holiday boxes they will make up a whole town just like my "HomeSpun" town cards!!!

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Kim Carney said...

what a great photo