Monday, October 24, 2005

My new job

where the horses live

"Happy to see me"

One of the best things about my"Houscapes" (portraits of peoples homes) is that I meet the most unusual people and their pets. All of my work in fact takes me to the most unusual places and the most interesting people. Case in point, my new job in Malibu. This is my 3rd Houscape for this couple. They are the most wonderful people, The lady of the house owns her own record label and the man of the house manages a heavy metal star. This houscape will not be of their actual house but of their pets abode. When Rat and I went to take pictures of the place these guys walked out and lined up smallest to tallest all on their own and the tallest started pawing the fence as if to say "hey, we are here!

Rat thinks that horses are very large dogs and even though he was born on a farm in Woodenville,WA he seems to be a little wary of them. These miniature horses are the best. I wish I could have two! I will include more about this job in the future. I am in the beginning stage, starting the preliminary drawing so when I am done I will share the picture. The above "Houscape" is the 2nd painting I have done for this couple. When my website is up you will be able to view "Houscapes" from 1990-2005.

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