Friday, October 21, 2005

Printing Day

October nite in the canyon/ Rat stands guard

My finished "Haunted House" candy box
also doubles as a Halloween decoration!

Wednesday was spent at the Printer. I have such wonderful relationships with all the people that I do business with. This makes for smooooth transactions and it makes a job that might be mundane more fun and interesting! My printer is "Blair Graphics" in Santa Monica. The guys are pros, fun to work with, and they really match my colors. My "Haunted House" Halloween box came out beautifully! I listed a box on Ebay item # 6572081503 for those last minute Halloween shoppers but this item is for 2006 when all of my holiday boxes are finished.
Sometimes Rat likes to go to town but he told me he wanted to stay home and make sure the coyotes stay away! It is a beautiful October night in the canyon...

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