Sunday, October 16, 2005

"Eden Ranch"

Rat is buggin in the stable at "Eden Ranch" My houscape of "Eden Ranch"

"Eden Ranch" has a very rich history here in Topanga, CA. If you are interested there is a book called "The Topanga Story" edited by Louise York and published by The Topanga Historical Society. I'm quite sure many artists have painted portions of "Eden Ranch". My painting was commissioned by the owner and it is of the stable built in 1920. I have included some of her horses and her black cat. Every Christmas she sets up a nativity scene in the stable replete with hay, music, hot chocolate with marshmallows and candy canes. The residents are invited to visit, enjoy the holiday season and spend a little time together. It is a magical place! When Rat and I went to the stable to shoot some pictures for my preliminary drawings a coyote came right up to him and just sat there. Well of course Rat started barking like crazy and chasing him off but the wiley coyote just kept coming back. By the time we left they were both exhausted. This painting was reproduced as Christmas cards for the owner to send to her most cherished friends and clients.

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Doodlestreet said...

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